Of course, this disparity varies in different regions and at different times. ANALYSIS OF THE ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF THE DUAL PRICING SYSTEM nefits does the dual pricing system bring China’s economic life, according to the advocates of the "two-track" system? First, it stimulates production and alleviates the pressure of excess demand.

The Dual-Trak Shelf system looks good while handling heavy loads making it perfect for any style or design.

Is Arizona’s dual-track voting system a good idea? The Secretary of State’s Office requires a two-track voting system for this year’s elections. There will be separate ballots and voting lines,

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The company says it expects the machine to draw new customers while increasing its reach with current customers. The machine features a dual-flange track roller system that extends the undercarriage.

A dual-track system is an economic system in which the government controls key sectors of the economy, while allowing private enterprise limited control over the other sectors.. In China, the government followed dual-track pricing, known as "shuangguizhi" in Chinese.State-controlled (planned) prices, which were lower, accompanied the market prices, which were higher.

What is often not understood is that these dual-track programs are the beginning of an individual’s education. STOBER’s.

Dual track is intended to prevent vulnerable young people from entering the adult prison system at an early age. For a young offender to qualify for youth detention under the dual track system, the court must be convinced that he or she has reasonable prospects of rehabilitation, or that he or she is particularly impressionable, immature, or likely to be subjected to undesirable influences in an adult prison.

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The healthcare system of Hong Kong runs on a dual-track basis encompassing the public and the private sectors. Public healthcare is the cornerstone of our healthcare system, acting as the safety net.

A dual career ladder is a career development plan that allows upward. but who are not interested or inclined to pursue a management or supervisory track.