She agreed that the resources, time and capacity to deal with piracy is very limited given concerns like the economic crises, and the impact of the downturn on the shipping industry. Final countdown Analysts like Bowden rule out a Tehran-terror-pirate link, but the stalemate over Iran’s nuclear programme has meant taking the eyes off the ball.

Open Video is about the legal. fight piracy, go after pirates with the law, but if the pirates are adding value to an ecosystem in way that you are not, you can’t fight them through the law,” he.

File-sharing website Megaupload is the most high-profile target yet of a US campaign which has seen the seizure of hundreds of sites accused of offering pirated music or movies or counterfeit goods.

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That decision left more than two dozen Somali pirates scooped up by U.S. and European warships sitting in legal limbo on the high seas.. U.S. and charged with piracy in. can help fight.

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The whole idea behind the stop online piracy Act (the House of Representatives version of the controversial legislative initiative) and the protect intellectual property act (the Senate version) is that our existing laws don’t give the feds the legal weaponry needed to protect works under U.S. copyright from the scourge of foreign online piracy.

 · Top MPAA Lawyer on Google’s Failures, Suing Kim Dotcom and Obama After SOPA (Q&A) More This story first appeared in the Jan. 10 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The notion that innovation is the key to dealing with piracy is a belief that Cameron has held for a number of years.

To point out that Internet access is not mandatory for any legal defense, but merely convenient. Considering that one of the issues is that Mr. Ortmann made $3.5 million more than MegaUpload paid him, he very likely already has a competent lawyer. The only reason for him to have direct internet access would be to unjustly sway public opinion.

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