The Velvelettes ~ Needle In a Haystack  (HQ) Sadly, finding a commercially grown tomato with moan-worthy flavor is like finding a needle in a haystack. “Tomato is a.

Data mining acts like a giant magnet that pulls the needles out of the haystack so the fraud examiner can sort them, find the fraud, and reduce overall waste and abuse. Of course, advances in computer technology and data-mining software have revolutionized fraud detection.

While those states paid out $3 million in prizes later found to be fraudulent, only Iowa had enough. which gave authorities the “haystack” they could use to find the “needles.” Rich said the Iowa.

In this process spontaneous reports of adverse reactions play an important part, but the problem they present is that of finding needles-true adverse reactions-in large haystacks of suspicions. There is no substitute for spontaneous adverse drug reaction reports for providing early signals of problems.

Balkanized government agencies, like private sector companies, are hungry for information management tools that can extract meaningful knowledge and correlations from masses of data. Now software from Autonomy is joining the fight against terrorism.

We also say trying to find a needle in a haystack. Hay is grass which is cut, dried and used as animal food or as covering material. A haystack is a large tall pile of hay in a field. "I went into my younger brother’s bedroom to get the CD I lent him. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Big data gleaned from internal systems offers a vast hunting ground in which to detect evidence of fraud that has already.

The only way to find a needle in a haystack quickly is to use unconventional means. "We can’t find the exact location of the target (needle),so we’ll carpet bomb the entire area,followed by napalm." Better to burn the haystack down and pick up the needle than to spend days looking for it.

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"The ‘hot spot’ on the camera was literally like finding a needle in a haystack." CHP Air-31 crews directed searchers to the hiker’s location, where they set up an extended technical-rope system and.

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