Florida Enhanced Life estate deed ladybird Warranty Deed. This enhanced life estate deed is a document that transfers ownership of real property, while reserving full access to the property for the duration of the grantor’s life.

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Lady Bird Deed is also known as a "transfer on death deed." Lady Bird Deeds are also known as "Enhanced Life Estate Deeds." All three terms refer to the same type deed. It is important to note that Lady Bird Deeds are not utilized nationwide. However, they are specifically used regularly in Florida.

To cure that problem, we have what is known as a Lady Bird Deed or enhanced life estate. The Lady Bird Deed is a type of life estate with one great exception. There is extra language in the deed that says that I, the creator of the life estate, can take back or change the remainder owner.

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A Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed (sometimes called "The Lady-Bird Deed" is a tool used by Florida Estate Planning Attorneys, Florida Elder Law Attorneys, and other by Florida Lawyers to preserve the homestead for the benefit of the family and avoid a Probate in Florida. Upon the death of the homeowner’s the property will pass to the people designated without the need for a costly.

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A lady bird deed (also called a ladybird deed or an enhanced life estate deed) is a special form of life estate deed that gives the owner continued control over the property until his or her death.Once the owner dies, the property is transferred automatically to new owners without the need for probate