The House is the most do-nothing Congress in history, hates the President and only cares about the rich and big business. But just like the Tea Party was a creation of the Koch Brothers and hired gun Dick Armey of Texas and promised jobs (delivered none), the American people keep allowing themselves to be played for suckers.

Adding insult to injury, Apple asks Samsung to pay legal fees Florida Home Buyer Closing Day Checklist | About Florida Law This is a closing-the-loop note. After the travails of the past few. the exception being Alan Grayson of Florida. It was that most Republicans did too. In the end 127 Republicans voted Yes, or 52%.

Why are republicans for the rich? I have been on YA for a short time,but It is the same crap.They do not care for poor people,now explain. Update: After 12 beers I am a little off.To put it another way,why do Democrats hate the rich?

The funding round was led by Foundry Group, with participation from Sapphire Sport, Founders Fund, Defy Partners, Cowboy Ventures, Red Light Management, Another Planet Entertainment, Rick Farman and.

Maybe They’re Too Rich for Congress? Seventeen members departing the Capitol are millionaires. posted feb 27, 2018 5:03 AM. Paul V. Fontelo.

but they’re quite solid and potentially enough to catch the eye of national GOP leaders, who regularly work with Mr. Baise and Mr. Gidwitz. Mr. Miller said he’s running because Congress has evolved.

Tampa’s Rising Home Values Result of Job Growth, Land-Use Regulations As a result, he says, mortgage performance is better than it has been in 20 years. appraisers shared some of the blame for overinflated home values during the. in markets with strong job growth,

How do members of Congress become so wealthy? As of now, about half of all members of Congress, House and Senate, are millionaires. I’ve heard that those who go to Congress that aren’t millionaires almost certainly leave as one.

And all they get from people like you is they’re too stupid to tell the difference between what the dems are saying and the line of crap you’re feeding them.. more minority’s in congress and a black potus, twice. The Reason Why Minorities Don’t Vote Republican.. maybe even more so.