Netflix quietly removing over 100 titles in January According to Allflicks recently, the Netflix content watchdog, there are now 2,571 fewer titles; that is a 33% drop in the number of movies and 25% fall in TV shows. For a start, it is amazing that we need a separate watchdog service just to monitor what subscribers get when they sign up.

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The Swedish warship VASA was launched in 1627. She was top-heavy with insufficient ballast but allowed to set sail and sank in 1628. Salvaged in 1961 and conserved, she’s currently a museum ship in Stockholm and has been seen by over 29 million visitors.:

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"You should set your security alerts on your bank and credit card accounts. [Wired] Kamala Harris Says Credit Scores. As long as you use a secured card responsibly – for example, make on-time payments and use little of your available credit – you may see improvements in your credit score.

Mega Ship Blue Marlin - ship shipping ships NATO has sent three ships to the Gulf of Aden – one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes – to help the U.S. Navy in anti-piracy patrols and to escort cargo vessels. The European Union has said at.

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How to Change Your Name in Florida Changing Your Name in Florida. If you change your name in Florida due to marriage, divorce, or personal reasons, you will need to update your name with the Social Security Administration (SSA) and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) and the Division of Driver Licenses.

Sir Benjamin, who made his fortune as a shipping magnate, also made headlines in 2012 after. visited by 25 million visitors as a museum of the sailing navy and the oldest commissioned warship in.

When the Travel Channel approached Kreischer with the idea for "Bert the Conqueror," he soon realized he wanted to. But he did it because that’s what the show is about.

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