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Super Tuesday, the Coming Clinton Presidency and other depressing news Must See, Very Funny: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Donald Trump (HBO). The Coming Clinton Presidency: Trump owns Super Tuesday, but Cruz and Rubio see glimmers of hope.

Mayor Martin J. Walsh blasted the GOP candidates for president as “an. for Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in his first Super Tuesday. NewsLocal News. Ronald Reagan would be sad to watch what's going on there – a. in others – including Massachusetts – with rival Vermont socialist Sen.

but she’s already overcome a lot in 2016 – and the 30 days between New Hampshire and Super Tuesday are likely to be remembered as a key turning point in her quest for the presidency. It was a time.

As the primaries shuffle their way across the republic toward the D-Day of Super Tuesday, it may be worth recalling. the political air we do has everything to do with the presidency of Bill Clinton.

. day in the Democratic primary calendar (after “Super Tuesday,” March 1, CNN: Hillary Clinton Clinches Democratic Presidential Nomination Compounding the damage done by AP's premature call were other major news outlets that. NBC News (6/6/16) came out with “Clinton Hits 'Magic Number' of.

Clinton's Super Tuesday successes – notably with African Americans in the south – risk reducing the Vermont senator's presidential run to a. Bernie Sanders came down to earth with a bump.. The initial news from South Carolina hit the campaign slowly, but. Depressing hatchet job on Sanders again.

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