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Realize that short sales are negotiated between sellers and their bank – Buyers mistakenly believe that they are negotiating with the bank on a short sale. In reality, short sale approval is a process that occurs only between the seller and their lender. Both of them need to agree on the final short sale terms.

Of course, reading about all of these rules might easily persuade a homebuyer or owner to stay away from the short sale. But keep in mind that the real estate specialists and bankers are the ones who contend with the paperwork and phone calls, and that’s why a Realtor is there — to help walk you through the process.

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Pro tips to get to closing and move on.. Although a short sale will allow you to walk away from your mortgage without penalties, a short sale.

An Indiana short sale realtor allows a homeowner to sell their home for less than. The homeowner walks away from the home free and clear of the mortgage.

Short Sale In most short sale counteroffers from the lender, the bank calls for a higher sale price. It is important for the seller and buyer to respond to the lender within their time frame, or the bank could close the file. Once the seller is satisfied with the terms of the short sale approval letter, the short sale advances to the Closing Phase.