“The Big Short” makes a big deal of its protagonists realizing that there was a giant housing bubble in the middle of the last decade at a time no one else could see it. But that’s not quite.

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3 hours ago · What Veterans Say This New Film Gets Right, and Wrong, About Their Vietnam War. Image. Harry Smith, a retired Australian soldier who was the commander of Delta Company of the Sixth Battalion Royal.

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Here's what everyone gets wrong about Dodd-Frank, according to. 'The Big Short' star says this is what everyone is getting wrong about Dodd-Frank. The EU is reportedly stripping 5 countries of some market access rights.

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What 'The Big Short' Gets Wrong. How a heroic effort to. The right-wing notion that Big Government created the crisis is absurdly ahistorical.

267 quotes from The Big Short: Inside the Doomsday Machine: 'What are the odds that. if they don't need to make smart decisions–if they can get rich making dumb decisions? The incentives on Wall Street were all wrong; they're still all wrong.”.. for diffidence and doubt and uncertainty that had enabled them to be right.

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 · "The Big Short" should be required viewing for every mortgage and banking professional in America, and maybe every high school civics class, too. It is a direct, frontal assault on the bogus claim peddled by Wall Street and conservative media that poor people and irresponsible borrowers were to blame for the housing crash and the resulting chaos.

"The Big Short" Writer On Why The Bank Bailout Was A Mistake 8 days ago · What the UN Report Gets Right-and Wrong-About the Crisis in Venezuela The document paints a devastating portrait of the country’s economic situation-but overlooks the.