mortgage mortgage rates move sideways, but More Dips Are Likely – Mortgage rates have edged higher this week, but borrowers may have more to celebrate after the Fourth of July. The same.

Uber’s self-driving cars were struggling before Arizona. – Uber’s robotic vehicle project was not living up to expectations months before a self-driving car operated by the san francisco company struck and killed a woman in Tempe, Ariz. The cars were.

When Will Self-Driving Cars Be on the Market? — The. –  · When Will Self-Driving Cars Be on the Market?. Muckerman about what he saw at CES last week regarding self-driving cars, Dutch Shell with BG Group. That could.

Uber Tests Self-Driving Technology on Pittsburgh Streets. – Add Uber to the list of companies now testing self-driving technology on public roads. The ride-sharing company announced today that its Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. has.

Our road to self-driving vehicles | Uber Blog – Automated technology is already a part of our daily lives. At Uber, we’ve got lots of people helping to get hundreds of our self-driving cars out on the road. Thanks to them, we’ve logged over 1 million miles under their tires. Meet the car and the team who make it possible.

Tech company coalition aims to defend self-driving cars over. – Autonomous vehicle coalition defends self-driving car safety. When you consider the number of miles autonomous vehicles have driven (Uber was at 3 million miles before stopping its testing last month, while Waymo is at 5 million and counting), it’s clear that the crash rate is much lower than in human-powered vehicles.

 · The remaining 5% of shares reportedly went to other investors in the group. The year hasn’t been all great, though, as a self-driving uber vehicle was involved in a fatal crash.

Kevin Carson takes the helm of Battle Creek's Denso facility – s tech fund on a $1 billion investment in Uber Technologies Inc.'s self-driving-car unit. For the battle creek denso operation, which includes more than 1,380,000. Also, in self-driving cars there's going to be a lot more data crunching. They will learn about high-speed video cameras, advanced robotics,

Watch Uber's self-driving cars hit the road in Pittsburgh. – Uber started its self-driving pilot program in Pittsburgh Wednesday, as the company tests out the technology with its customers.. Watch Uber’s self-driving cars hit the road in Pittsburgh

A 'Tesla Semi'? Elon Musk's Tesla master plan is trucking awesome. – In addition to the $35000 Model 3 that Tesla plans to introduce next year, Since most cars are only in use by their owner for 5 percent to 10. Recommended Video. with Tesla continuing to perfect its autonomous technology until it is. Uber, Tesla will operate a fleet of self-driving cars that can be hailed.

VW Nears Self-Driving Deal With Ford, Exits Aurora Alliance – Volkswagen AG ended a self-driving technology partnership. spearheaded by the Audi premium-car unit. Meanwhile, months of negotiations with Ford and its autonomous affiliate argo AI are near.